Hello! This is my first post in a long time. The simple reason is that web design is not something that comes easily or naturally to me. 

But, having a place online where people can find out about my writing and my goals to become published is important, so here I am, trying to figure out if I saved, published, deleted, or messed up any or all of my best work that I want to share with others!

My writing journey has been interesting so far. I’ve met wonderful readers and writers that I never would have connected with if I hadn’t decided that I was going to try to get a book published. 

It’s a slow process and there are times of frustration, especially since it seems that the publishing industry has a ton of amazing people who are overworked and underappreciated for the magic they do to make a dream become a reality. 

I’ve talked with many writers who express disappointment for how long things are taking, and I know for many agents and editors, it can be a similar experience. The industry is slow at the best of times, and from what industry people have told me, it that right now is the worst they’ve ever seen.

Still, I have hope. I have stories. I am currently querying my first book which has gotten a lot of feedback, and I’m also actively editing and revising a second book. I am hopeful that while I wait to find the perfect agent, I am able to create multiple manuscripts that will be ready to at least consider possibly publishing. 

I would love to hear any thoughts or questions about the writing process or my experience with working to get an agent. No matter what, I’m going to keep working, keep imporving, and keep hoping!