Long time since I’ve posted on here

Hello again! If you are reading this, then I want to explain that I have not posted on this blog for six months. Which is obviously ridiculous!

I am easily overwhelmed, which is funny because I love trying to list everything I can possibly do in one attempt. I think, “Oh, I will master how to use WordPress, and Instagram, and Twitter, and also work on writing my novel I started last year, and I will start a new novel, and I will work out, and I will read hundreds of books, and not lose my freaking mind while doing all of it with a smile on my face!”

Yeah right. I’m a mess. I try something, get frustrated, want to throw it against the wall, walk away to have a tantrum by myself, and then finally try to go back and fix whatever it was that frustrated me in the first place.

So, here I am. Trying again! If you have been following me on Instagram, thank you so much! I have been using my profile on Instagram to connect with so many amazing people on Bookstagram! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, I’ve been very absent (I got overwhelmed, frustrated, blah, blah, you know the rest of the story!)

The plan is to update my blog regularly with notifications on Instagram and Twitter. I want to be ambitious, but realistic with me goals (never an easy task for me!) Thank you for reading!

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