🖊 Related By Murder 🖊

🖊Let me gush for a moment about Robin @robincastle55. She’s just such an incredible person, and I love her sense of humor and wit, her dedication to writing, and all the stories she’s shared!

🖊 Summary: Elise Edwards writes murder mysteries, but when her own brother is killed, things change for her…sometimes for the better! But, this also makes her a suspect in the investigation…what REALLY happened the night her brother died? The people in Elisa’s book club might be able to help her uncover the truth but their own problems might complicate things…or even make it impossible to discover what actually happened.

🖊This story is brilliant. The main character is SO interesting and the only other MC I can think to compare her to is Eleanor Oliphant (who I absolutely adore!) and I’m not saying she’s not the exact same character, just that found her SO intriguing and emotionally complex while also conveying humor (sometimes in wonderfully dark ways!) and I think that’s such a unique thing to be able to do with a character, I’ve only seen it done ONCE before 😱

🖊I also loved the exclusive Book Club/Writers Group! The characters were so interesting and included diverse representation (which Robin carefully researched and used sensitivity readers to make sure they are accurate!) and I loved that the story involved so many characters who were writers and authors!

🖊 If you’re on Goodreads, go click the Want To Read button. If you’re not following @robincastle55 then I encourage you to go check out her IG page, because she’s awesome!