Fallacious Fiction responded to a tweet I posted on January 29th, 2020 where I asked independently published authors to share their work with me so I could read and review it for my book blog.

These are my opinions that I am posting, but I do have a lot of experience with reading lots of different books and types of work. Whether you agree or disagree with my review, I appreciate your time reading my thoughts about this work.

This short book can be accessed on KindleUnlimited for free (which is how I read it on my phone) or a paperback copy may be purchased through Amazon.

There are seven parts to the book and 39 pages. It is a fast read and I enjoyed the story. It is about a man who is trying to return to the woman that he loves, with a lot of zombies that get in the way on his journey during a snowy winter. It is told in the third person and we do not learn his name, he is only referred to using pronouns, or as “the man in black.” Personally, this feels a little over the top (there does not seem to be a real reason why we are not supposed to know his name), but it does add a touch of mystery, even if it is overdone.

The biggest problem with the story is honestly a lack of editing and revising. It reads like a second draft, there are a lot of good moments, interesting plot and character development, but there are also a lot of errors, inconsistencies, and general weakness with the writing mechanics that pulls the reader out of the story to think, “I don’t think that is the correct way to write that.”

However, despite this, I thought the story had a lot of heart and I could tell that there was passion behind this story. The calm and courageous protagonist was easy to relate to and empathize with as he travels and there is suspense while reading to discover whether he finds the woman that he loves. His troubles with finding transportation and shelter while fighting off zombies are interesting and engaging. The ending felt a bit forced, but it was also satisfying.

Though I would describe this writing as “rough” and not polished, I appreciate that it was able to give me a short story that kept my interest and gave me a hero that made me feel like he deserved to be forgiven…though I was confused about what his “sin” was really about other than leaving the woman he loved…that part was a bit unclear. Regardless, read this for a romantic walk through the snow while battling the undead. If that sounds like your kind of book, then you should read this one.

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